\ Death Worm

Death Worm

     In this game you are an oversized worm that jumps above the ground and eats humans, birds, dromedars and other animals... What could be more fun ?

Death Worm for iOS
(Universal App - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)

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Death Worm for Android
(Android 2.1 and up)

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Death Worm for Blackberry
(Blackberry 10 and Playbook Tablets)

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Death Worm for Windows Phone
(Windows Phone 8)

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What's cool about Death Worm ?

  • iOS4.x compatible!
  • Retina Display Support !!!
  • Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements !!!
  • Unique game mechanics
  • Unbelievably fun gameplay
  • 3 handcrafted locations
  • special power-ups and abilities
  • numerous achievements to unlock
  • PlayCreek quality guarantee

Eat, kill and grow through several colorful locations - from egyptian desert, through wild jungle, to the modern megalopolis full of enemies.

Death Worm for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad is the only official Death Worm game remake licensed by PlayCreek from its creator JTR.

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