\ Mystery of Unicorn Castle

Mystery of Unicorn Castle

     "Enter Mystery of Unicorn Castle to transport yourself into a scene that could have come from an Agatha Christie novel." (

Mystery of Unicorn Castle HD (iPad)

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Mystery of Unicorn Castle (iPhone / iPod Touch)

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What's cool about Mystery of Unicorn Castle ?

  • Surreal Hidden Object game
  • 5 distinct search methods
  • Solve the inheritance scandal
  • 4 different mini-game mechanics
  • 40 handcrafted levels
  • multiple user profiles on a single device
  • save your game automatically at any time

     Jane Morion always considered herself to be an ordinary girl. Then a letter from England arrived describing the inheritance of a family castle. Solve a looming mystery where dreams and magic intertwine. Explore rooms inside the castle while detecting hidden objects. Can you reveal the secrets of the manor's inhabitants and discover the Morion legacy? The Mystery of Unicorn Castle contains a dark spell thats haunted the family for centuries.

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